Adult Tennis

Adult tennis

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Our Adult program caters for players of all abilities. With the strong community base at the Brookfield Tennis Centre we have ladies and gents playing here that are third generation family members. We have several loyal groups of women that play most mornings and week-ends along with equally loyal groups of men that play most evenings well into the night. We cater for those looking for high impact cardio exercise as well as those looking for more game based coaching with fun games and drills facilitated by a coach.


Why play

The game's social nature encourages camaraderie, making it a perfect activity for friends and families to enjoy together. Beyond the fun and social aspects, Pickleball offers numerous health benefits.

The sport provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, promoting heart health and endurance. With its focus on lateral movements, quick reflexes, and hand-eye coordination, Pickleball also enhances agility and balance. Moreover, the low-impact nature of the game is gentle on joints, making it an accessible option for individuals of varying fitness levels.

Adult tennis

Fit Tennis

This popular program focuses more on improving your tennis game.  With each class limited to four players your coach will take you through tennis drills that will improve your technique, your movement as well as tactical elements of the game.  You are not likely to hit as many balls anywhere else in an hour than in our FIT TENNISTM classes. Join an existing group or create one of your own with your friends.

Classes typically run as follows:

Monday - Friday
Tuesday Evening
9:00am - 10:30am
6:45pm - 7:45pm

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