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Brookfield Teams Excel in Super League Finals

What a great effort from the Brookfield Tennis Centre teams in the finals of the Tennis Brisbane Super League Finals.  After 26 weeks after competition all 6 teams made it through to the semi-finals. Four of these teams made it through to todays final with two teams taking the winners trophy.  Congratulations to the Brookfield Aces and the Brookfield Bulldogs on your wins.



Brookfield Bulldogs [Jason & Daniel Lemmon-Warde, Daniel Lindsay]

Brookfield Aces [Mitchell Lodge, Henry Himstedt, Oscar Warren, Bobby & Sam Hamilton, Georgia Neale]


Runners Up

Brookfield Beauties [Sarah Vague, Annalise Barnes, Chloe Warren, Tara Bashirzadeh]

Brookfield Tigers [Oliver Early, Noam Lissner, Jack Fanshawe, Tom Schneideman]



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