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Our team of Physical Performance Coaches have created a program designed to enhance all aspects of performance on the field and the court. Whether you play tennis, AFL, netball, soccer, rugby, basketball, cricket or run, the program will teach you about your body, how to move efficiently and create an athlete that is strong, powerful and robust.

The aim of this program is to educate you, the athlete on the importance of physical preparation and help you achieve your goals.

$250 for the full term

The program will include:

  • 2 x Testing Sessions Pre and Post-Testing that gathers data on your speed, agility, upper and lower body strength, along with video analysis on running technique.
  • 8 x Sessions for Speed, Agility, Endurance, Functional Strength, Stability and Power
  • At Home Flexibility and Stability Program Education on Flexibility and Stability work that you can do at home.
  • Additional 2 day-week home program Follow this to reinforce the work being done with your Performance Coach. This program will assist in developing the athletic qualities you need.


The Brookfield Tennis Centre have teamed up with the leaders in speed and agility training.  Acceleration was founded in September 2000, by Stewart and Vicki Briggs. The concept came from the United States, where Stewart studied and worked as a College Strength and Conditioning Coach. Having grown up and played sport in Australia, Stew knew first-hand that American athletes received far more guidance, help and coaching when it comes to increasing their strength, power and speed. Through his work experience and education, Stewart was confident that he could make a difference developing athletes here in Australia. He chose the name “Acceleration” because he believes that it is the one facet of sport that is most needed for success in the majority of sports throughout the world. Ever since his team of highly qualified and experienced professionals having been working with kids of all ages as well as professional athletes become the best they can be.

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